Dumb Ways JR Zany's Hospital App Reviews

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Fun but limited

This game is fun but it gets boring easily. Try adding different rooms and a way to get the foreign objects out. Thanks!

I want a refund

There is nothing to do

Fun but so limited

It's fun but the same three people walk into the ER and the ambulance brings the same three emergency cases over and over again. Really hoping that updates are on the way and that I didn't just pay two bucks for this limited app! It feels like a lite version. Bummed out!!! The three patients that walk in don't have anything wrong with them to solve. You can use the same tools on each patient and aren't required to solve anything. The three patients that arrive via ambulance do have issues but are solved quickly and lose their fun after the third or so fix. Upset stomach, wrapped up in a snake, and bee stings that need cream - that's it. Such a bummer!!

update please!! like now...update...

once this game gets a good update with much more varieties to choose from and people to cure, then i will download again. i literally purchased, played, got bored, never played again, and finally deleted this app. it was fun the first couple of times, but then the same people kept waking in the hospital !! like what???

Makes no sense. I want my money back



All you can do is put a little amount of things and help them this is horrible


How do you do what are in the pictures???


I should have looked at the reviews for this before I bought it. I have other games like Dr.Panda and Toca Boca and they are all great but this is boring. You can't really do anything in this game. U should update it right away and show broken bones not items like a phone. Also make sure u can fix the problem. I would recommend the other apps I listed.

This is so bad!

Do NOT buy this game! There's nothing fun to do!

Can I get a refund

I thought the game would be much better/different not worth the money

Not worth the money

The game is a cute kids game but it's definitely not worth $1.99.


Ughhh I can't believe I wasted my money on this game my daughter was so upset because you can't do anything😡


I usually don't write bad reviews , but this game is ridiculous. It's almost two dollars and your limited to five things and their is no variety. WASTE OF MONEY!!! Don't buy

Do Not Download

There is absolutely no point to this game. It is so stupid and a waste of $2 you literally do nothing. I don't know how this is even a "game"?

I want a refund

I'm sorry but this game was horrible and I want my money back thank you for your support

Needs working on

A good game but it needs robbery worked on it needs more stuff that u can do like be able to take stuff out of the characters more characters different rooms


I downloaded this game thinking it would be fun like any other dumb ways game... but no this game is horrible. it gives you very little game options, basically all you do is check people's temperatures, blood pressure, etc and that's it. and they keep coming back over and over again. you can't even cure them and stuff. i really want a refund!!!


You can't even help the little guys!!

Waste Of Money!

I bought this game thinking it would be good ignoring the bad reviews, when I got it I got bored within five minutes. Don't waste your money

Do not buy

Do not buy

Price should be lower

The game is fun but there is very little to do, if there's updates where it adds more features it will be worth $1.99 but it should be worth $0.99


I just purchased this for my little one today since he really enjoyed the cooking game and he played it until he fell asleep. It's an adorable game where my son gets to imagine he's a doctor and helps his patients. The game is definitely worth the price. I look forward to even more of your games, great job!

DO NOT BUY!!!!!!

I was looking forward to this like the other dwtd but this is so STUPID... I WANT A REFUND

Can I get a refund

This game is very boring

I want a refund.

I was hesitant to purchase a game with no reviews and for good reason apparently! This game is horrible. My three year old has all of the Doctor games - Doctor Panda, Toca Boca, Pepi Doctor, etc and they are all great. This one is extremely lame. There is one room to take a patient into with a 7 things -stethoscope, tongue press, bandaids, X-ray, blood pressure thing, and a thermometer that all do minor interactions. The X-ray shows a fork and cell phone and a fish bone stuck inside of the things body and my kid is freaking out about wanting to get it out and all I can say is "I'm sorry, but you can give him a bandaid?!?!?" And there is an ambulance with TWO minor activities but you have to sit in the waiting room and stare at the door for a minute or two and wait for it to arrive, which no toddler is going to do. Save your money and buy one of the previously mentioned games. Oh, and it's blurry.

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